Smart WiFi Video Doorbell Camera


EKEN V7 HD 1080P Smart WiFi Video Doorbell Camera Visual Intercom Night vision IP Door Bell Wireless Security Camera



Standard: V7 WIFI Video Doorbell

Option 2: V7 + 2 * Batteries+Charger

Option 3: V7 + Chime

Option 4: V7 + Chime + 2 * Batteries+Charger

Option 5: V7 + Wifi Extender Pro+ 2 * Batteries+Charger

Option 6: V7 + Chime + Wifi Extender Pro

Option 7: V7 + Chime + 2 * Batteries + Charger + Wifi Extender Pro



Your doorbell maybe too far away from your wireless router or you may have some obstructions in between that reduce signal strength.You might try repositioning your router or getting a signal extender/repeater for your wireless router.



1)you can't use 18V power adapter,only use 18650 battery,Because this model no power adapter' interface.


2)About Cloud storage. this model can't use with memory card ,only 7 days free Cloud storage.



1080P full HD video

With 1080P full HD video,The EKEN Video Doorbell V7 is our most advanced doorbell yet.

Monitor your home in high definition1080p video, and see hear and speak to visitors from anywhere.



Cloud storage is more secure

Free video cloud storage is safer and more convenient view cloud storage videos anytime. No TF memory card required.


PIR motion detection

When someone rings the doorbell, your phone receives an immediate notification.You can open the door remotely through Aiwit app and communicate directly through your mobile phone.


Real-time and two-way intercom system with an echo canceller


There is a passive infrared sensor built into the video doorbell, which could capture the slightest movement. Real-time

monitoring is available. One can watch the video anytime and anywhere through your mobile phone and never mind the

danger of opening the wrong door or the embarrassment of having visitors wait while no one at home. HD video and two-

way audio make your communication much clearer.



2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

The range of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signals is about 20 meters. You can easily connect to your home Wi-Fi network and send live videos to your phone. One can watch the video anytime and anywhere through the phone.


Family connection and real-time sharing

4 mobile phones could monitor and share the image of doorbell at the same time, but only one user could talk on the intercom directly. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.



Simple operation

easy to connect and set up the doorbell and Aiwit App

Scan the QR code below, or search LiveHome  in Google Play app store to download Aiwit  AppReal-time view of the doorbell is available after setting up parameters on Aiwit app.



Different Type of Chime

No mater where are you from, you can choose the plug you need.















Q:My signal is poor on my doorbell?


A:Your doorbell maybe too far away from your wireless router or you may have some obstructions in between that reduce signal strength.You might try repositioning your router or getting a signal extender/repeater for your wireless router.


Q:How do I RESET the doorbell?


A:Press and hold the RESET Button for 6 seconds.


Q:How do I share the video doorbell with my family?


A: 1.Open the ToSee APP:


From the home page,tap the doorbell Live View.

Tap the ldquoShare iconrdquo in the top right corner.

Enter the device administrator password,then tap ldquoconfirmrdquo.


Enter the new userrsquos Nickname,then tap ldquoConfirmrdquo.You will see a QR code.

2.Open the ToSee APP on the new userrsquos cellphone.


From the home page,taprdquo+rdquoin the top right corner.

TaprdquoScan QR coderdquo,the scan the QR code generated before.

You will see rdquoSuccessrdquo,then tap ldquoConfirmrdquo.

Enter a Device Name.Tap ldquoConfirmrdquoand yoursquore all set!


Q:How do I adjust PIR motion detection sensitivity?


A: 1.From the device list page,tap the ldquoLive Viewrdquo.


2.Tap ldquoSettingsrdquoin the top right corner.


3.Tap ldquoMotion Detection Sensitivityrdquo


PIR Motion Detection Sensitivity


PIR Motion Sensor Disabled

10-second delay trigger on PIR motion detection

5-second delay trigger on PIR motion detection

No Delay on PIR motion detection


Q:How many user can view the video at the same time?


A:Up to 4 users may view the video feed,but only 1 user can user the direct intercom.Both iOS and Android are compatible.


Q:Is 5GHz WiFi supported?


A:No.Only 2.4GHz WiFi is supported.


Q:I order with battery, why I can't turn on the camera?


A:All battery sent with a Insulating film, you shall move out it before you use.


Q:Is the night mode on auto at night?


A:Yes, It build in Photosensitive chip, Night mode will on auto at night.


Q:My house is a villa, I don't want the camera doorbell call me always. How can I do?


A:In the setting, you can Turn off the PIR detection. Then it will not call you if no body click the doorbell button.


Q: Sometimes, the camera will disconnection in my phone, how can I do?


A: Transfer wifi connect to 4G, or transfer 4G to wifi. and then restart the ToSee APP. If problem can't be solve, then restart the doorbell.


Q: What power it support?

A:NO, not support.


Q: Is every doorbell check before shipping?


A: Yes.Before we sent, all doorbells tested WiFi connect, video quality, sounds quality, chime connect, ,motion detection,Night mode ....etc.


Q: Is the doorbell support Intercom?


A: Yes, it support 2CH Intercom. No matter where you are, people near the door can speak with you if your phone has wifi or 4G signal.



Q: If the battery power run out, How can I do?


A: you can use the charger with micro USB 5V power.



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Domenic Bins

camera works well and delivery on time