Super Soft Makeup Sponge


Gives foundation application every single time. Put makeup on like a pro - evenly distributes makeup so no areas with too much or too little coverage

Shapes are ideal for all types of makeup application.

Product is reusable if cared for properly - if used daily, we recommend washing your sponge frequently with a mild cleanser and air dry. For best results: Wash the sponges for use

Material:Hydrophilic non-latex sponge

How to use

dry use,

You can directly use dry powder products

wet use

Wet the Sponge with water,

Squeeze to ensure there is no water inside it

Bounce makeup and skin care across face for perfect application everytime

The bottom of the Sponge can be used on the cheeks or forehead.

The top of the tip on the Sponge is suitable for the wing of nose and eyelids.

After use, wash lightly and place the Sponge in a cool dry place. 

Package Content

1* Cosmetic Puff

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
George Schinner

took a while to arrive, but product matches description, no complaints

Derick Braun

All as in the description. Pleasant, soft, no unpleasant smells.

Hunter Barrows

Sponge soft, pleasant. If you soak, it gets twice as much.

Winfield Boyer

A beautiful sponge for applying makeup. I came very quickly, just a couple of weeks. Packed in a zip bag, on the road did not crumple and did not change the form. The seller in the store has a large range of colors and sizes. We decided to order a sponge of teardrop shape with a beveled corner. Soft, elastic, easy to clean.

Emile Runolfsson

A good sponge, comfortable, when wet increases in volume.